Red Hat* Enterprise Linux Certification

Red Hat logoPass-Through Certification refers to the ability for third-party systems to be granted the same certification status as models previously certified by Intel Corporation. Pass-Through Certification for Red Hat* Enterprise Linux is only available to resellers and system integrators who purchase Intel® Server Boards and/or Intel® Server Systems and are members of the Red Hat Ready Business Partner, Advanced & Premier Program* from Red Hat, Inc.

Direct Intel OEMs, resellers, and system integrators who use Intel Intel® Server Board and/or Intel® Server System configurations can make a submission to be listed as having Red Hat certified hardware.

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In order to submit certification requests, membership is required in both the Intel/Red Hat Global Channel Acceleration Program and the Intel® Technology Provider Program. Qualified members may submit all Red Hat Linux Pass-Through Certification requests to Intel Corporation at moc.l1611056888etni@1611056888strec1611056888tahde1611056888r1611056888. Include the company name, contact information, and the re-branded name of the server systems used. For more information on the Intel/Red Hat Global Channel Acceleration Program, visit

Red Hat HCL Submission

Note: When submitting branded server products based on Intel Intel® Server Board and/or Intel® Server System configurations for Red Hat* Pass-Through Certification, the contents of the Hardware and Software Component tables (Bills of Materials) must not be altered. If you wish to change anything in the Hardware or Software Component tables, please contact us at moc.l1611056888etni@1611056888strec1611056888tahde1611056888r1611056888 before requesting certification.

Red Hat Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)

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